Was Fox influenced by Democrats? Judge Jeanine’s show may have been attacked by a D.C. political consultant

At 9:41pm the evening of Friday, March 15, 2019, apparently before others — we received a tip from a source known to us that Fox was likely going to pull “Judge Jeanine” from the regular Saturday schedule. The information was reported to have originated with a known political consultant associated with the Democratic party. But why?

This article asks an important question with potential implications for viewers of conservative news: Did Fox cancel “Judge Jeanine” Pirro’s show not only in response to “advertisers,” as has been reported, but also as a result of coordination or discussion with influential Democrats? The proof and answers may be in the timing of events, provided below.

“Judge Jeanine” Pirro’s regularly scheduled show was cancelled by the Fox Network this past Saturday, March 16, 2019.

The underlying story, widely publicized in recent media reports, sounds simple enough when first considered. On the evening of Saturday, March 16, 2019, Fox cancelled “Judge Jeanie” Pirro’s regularly scheduled 6:00pm EST show, ostensibly in response to comments previously made by Pirro about Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.), a Somali-American Congresswoman who wears a hijab, a traditional head covering worn by Muslim women.

The story, in and of itself, has proven controversial because it raises the debate about reporting of Muslim issues by the press, political correctness and bias.

Until now, the media has pointed to allegations of negative feedback from advertisers as fallout from Judge Jeanie’s remarks about Rep. Omar to explain why “Judge Jeanie” was cancelled. Now we are asking if there could have been more reasons for the cancellation than what has been reported so far.

This article is of special interest as it looks at the value and timeliness of the information reaching online journalists in an age where independent blogs can access significant news in a way that can rival or exceed the effectiveness of established mainstream media outlets.

Jeffrey Peterson, the publisher of this site, is a technology executive and former Democrat supporter who was inspired in 2018 by Brandon Straka’s “WalkAway movement” to change his political point of view. Since then, Peterson has expressed support for President Trump on social media while writing extensively about his past experiences with top Democrats both in Arizona, the state where he formerly lived, and at the national level in connection with the Democratic National Committee.

Peterson now writes frequently about political issues with a focus on the evolution of technology and politics. It was my privilege to join his team of independent writers earlier this year. We have experienced rapid growth while learning to parse what is quickly becoming an almost overwhelming stream of news and story tips.

In this case, it appears we may have received tips about the cancellation of Fox’s “Judge Jeanine” show almost an entire day before several of the top connected online and print media publications. If the authenticity of our early tips is proven, it may be a concrete example of Democratic party influence over one of the most significant programming decisions this year at the Fox Network.

To recap —

At 9:41pm the evening of Friday, March 15, 2019, we received a tip from a source known to us that Fox was likely going to pull “Judge Jeanine” from the regular Saturday schedule. The information was reported to have originated from a well known political consultant associated with the Democratic party.

According to the report, the operative was heard boasting about how his D.C. based strategy group had been successful in staging a “knockout blow” to Jeanine Pirro’s show as a response to Pirro’s recent commentary about Rep. Omar. He was highly confident the decision to cancel “Judge Jeanine” had been made by Fox and would be announced within hours.

We received a second tip with an almost identical report of the planned show cancellation and ties back to the same group of D.C. political strategists early Saturday morning, March 16, 2019.

We found it curious the tips were received sequentially in close time proximity from credible sources.

After discussion, considering the sources we were working with and the uncertain nature of the news, we decided we didn’t have enough to write a factual claim in an article. Jeff compromised by running a poll that would encompass the situation as an opportunity for a study of the current media landscape, if the allegations were to prove true.

Jeff’s poll was first published on Twitter the morning of Saturday March 16th, 2019, at 8:23am.


We were astonished when later in the day, at 6:59pm,Variety announced that Judge Jeanine’s show had in fact been cancelled for the evening.


About an hour later, at 8:06pm on March 16th, 2019, Twitter Moments reported the “Judge Jeanine” cancellation.


Five and a half hours later, at 1:33am in the early morning of March 17th, blogger Jack Posobiec reported the news.


President Trump tweeted the “Judge Jeanine” news at 9:18am Sunday morning, March 17, 2019.


The New York Times reported Judge Jeanine’s show cancellation at 11:03am on Sunday March 17th.


Shortly after the New York Times article broke on Sunday, left leaning personalities took to Twitter to discuss the news.



Later Sunday afternoon, Eric Trump tweeted his perspective, that the cancellation was “… nothing more than manufactured outrage intended to silence conservative voice.”


Sure enough, per the tips we had received as early as the evening of Friday March 15, by the end of the weekend it was being reported that the “Judge Jeanine show” had been cancelled by Fox.

A few things are significant here. Why was this news available to us, of all groups who could have received it, considering our connections to other former Democrat whistleblowers and recent high ranking Democrat party walk-aways?

We had access to the news about Fox’s pending cancellation of Judge Jeanine’s show a full twenty-one hours before the first mainstream media broke news of the cancellation. Even then, media sources appear to have only reported the cancellation after the show failed to air at the usual time, 6:00pm EST Saturday. Our tips were precise and came to us via sources both formerly and currently associated with the DNC apparatus in Washington, D.C.

Coincidence? We don’t think so.

If proven true, we are left with a looming question: Was Fox’s decision to cancel “Judge Jeanine” influenced — either in whole or in part — by Democratic party operatives?

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